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10th February 2022 : 10-11am

What can we learn from the men in suits?

At first thought, big corporate companies in tall buildings are chalk and cheese in comparison to creatives. But there is a lot we can learn from them.

They have the same problems:

  • Information Security
  • Finding & Retaining Talent
  • Team Health
  • Culture
  • Work/Life Balance

In this session we’ll be speaking with ATG Consultant, Paul Costelloe,  Paul has worked for some of the biggest companies in the UK including time at Prudential and Telewest (later Virgin Media).

Together, Steve and Paul will look at what were the biggest takeways from the corporate world that Paul thinks creative SMEs will benefit from.

Our Speakers


Director - ATG

Steve is one of the Directors at ATG. He works with our clients to ensure they’re getting the most from their technology spend while remaining secure from cyber criminals. So wether it’s working out how best to store huge ad files or filling in RFIs for your clients Steve’s always on hand to offer advice.

Working with creatives his whole career including at one stage sharing an office with an agency, he’s seen well versed in issues creatives face.

Outside of work he’s a keen chef and our resident burger expert (ask him about the world food championships)

Paul Costelloe


Paul Costelloe is ATG’s V/CIO (Virtual Chief Information Officer) and Information Security Consultant.

Paul has had a long career working for large ‘blue chip’ organisations and has held senior management positions responsible for IT development, operations and strategic planning. Including Head of Corporate IT for Prudential and the Head of IT for Telewest  (now Virgin Media).

In the last 10 years he has specialised in Information Security and Management, conducting consulting assignments for small and medium sized enterprises.

In his spare time he likes to produce and perform music and he likes to go cycling when the weather isn’t too bad.

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